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Kuri Kinton recipe – How to make Japanese sweet potato with chestnuts


Have you ever heard Kuri Kinton?
We usually eat it on New Year’s Day- If you know something sweet potato paste in Osechi, that is!
You can buy pre-made one at the end of the December, but the pre-made one is soooo sweet! And I don’t like it so much. But the Home-made one is less sweet and you have natural flavor from the ingredients, and it’s nice!

What is Osechi?

We eat it as kind of side dish with the other dishes, but the taste is totally sweets.
You can eat it as it is, or use it for the filling in the sweet bread or even cakes :)
I sometimes make sponge cake with Kuri Kinton and whipped cream for dessert if I have leftover!

250g of sweet potato
7-10 sweetened chestnuts
1 dried gardenia fruit (Kutinashi no mi)

(A) 50g of sugar
(A) 50cc of Sweet syrup of chestnuts
(A) 3 Tablespoons of Mirin
(A) a pinch of salt



Dried gardenia fruit can make the dish bright yellow color naturally :)

  1. Peel off the skin of sweet potato and slice into 2-3 cm pieces. Soak in the water.
  2. Crush the Dried gardenia fruit.
  3. Boil the water, place the sweet potato and the fried gardenia fruit. Cook them until the potatoes become soft.
  4. Drain the water, and remove the fried gardenia fruit. Place sweet potatoes in a food processor then mash it.
  5. Place the mashed  potato and all the (A)s in a pan and heat it up. When the potato paste become shiny, add the chestnuts then stop the gas. Cook it down.


Yum <3!

0 thoughts on “Kuri Kinton recipe – How to make Japanese sweet potato with chestnuts

  1. Now this is a dish we can use the Kuri no shibukawani recipe you gave us last time? Sounds lovely, with all those pure flavours. Mouth watering. Thank you.

    1. Oh that is good point, but this is not Shibukawani…
      Shibukawani is good for some cakes or you can simply eat itself.

      Anyway, Kurikinton is the one of the most popular foods in New Tear Celebration in Japan.

  2. Looks delicious! I love sweet potato and chestnuts, but I don’t think I’ve ever had the two together. Thanks for sharing! :D

    1. Thank you for your comment. If you like the both, you definitely like this kurikinton. Enjoy!

  3. Thank you for sharing, Nameshida San :)
    I have plan to make it for osechi ryouri next month.

    1. Oh, you cook Osechi? That is amazing. It must be tough but good for appreciate the new year culture with family. Please enjoy!

  4. At first..Wishing you a happy new year 2014, Nameshida San. Yes, finally I made some part of osechi. It was fun. But mainly, we were ordered complete osechi ryouri. I have tried your kuri kinton recipe (without kuchinashi. Couldn’t found it at supermarket near my house). Oishiikatta desu :)

    1. Happy new year Cyntia, and I wish you have wonderful year too! And I’m so glad to hear that you tried my recipe :)

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