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White Miso base cream Pasta Recipe

Do you like cream Pasta?
I do but sometimes it’s heavy for me, and at such time, I make the Pasta sauce with soy milk and white Miso!


Ingredients (2 servings):
Any vegetable you like
( I used sliced Lotus root, rape blossom, and mushrooms)
1 clove of garlick, chopped finely
1 onion, chopped finely
300cc of soy milk
2 Table spoons of white Miso
Any Pasta you like

  1. Place olive oil and chopped garlick and chopped onion in the pan and heat it up.


  1. Place all the vegetables in the pan then cook for few minutes.


  1. Mix the soy milk and white Miso well.


  1. Pour the soy milk mixture in the pan then cook all together for few minutes.


  1. Cook the pasta in the salt water (cook 1-2 mins less than package) then add it in the pan. Cook for 1-2 minutes.

  2. Enjoy! <3


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Home made Tofu Recipe – How to make Japanese Tofu from scratch

It looks like I didn’t post my blog for lng time!

I’d been busy and also having high fever this week, and finally I can be in front of my PC today!


I guess many people’ve already known it, but today I introduce you how to make Tofu from scrach.
It’s super easy and quick than I thought, and tastes very nice <3

1 cup of soy milk (not processed)
1 Tbs. Nigari (Magnecium chloride)

  1. Heat up the soy milk ( don’t boil), stop the gas, wait until it became 75-80 degree C.


  1. Add the Nigari in the pot. Slowly mix it.



  1. Prepare thin clothes on a strainer then place all the soymilk there. Replace this clothes including tofu in the mole then place heavy thing on top for ten minutes.




  1. Take it out cafully in cold water then that’s it!


This time I had it simply with soy sauce and bonito flakes..
I often buy Tofu from Tofu shop since many of pre-packed ones are “kind of Tofu”, and the taste is very different, but they costs about 3times of the super market ones.
Now I think I don’t need to buy from Tofu shop anymore, because it’s very simple and nature flavor!


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Very tasty macrobiotic restaurant in Tokyo – CHAYA

First, I’m not vegetarian, I eat everything, but I love to have macrobiotic food ovegetarian food sometimes, since I love veggies and healthy tasty dishes!

This restaurant is really great, not only for vegetarians, for everyone who are foodies!

CHAYA is in the ISETAN department store in Shinjuku, at 7th floor.

Some of you who live in US might know this restaurant, because they have branches there as well.
I tried one in SF before, it’s different menus from here but was also great.

We had pre-fixed Dinner course on the other day.


seasonal veggies


I choose assorted appetizer, croquetto, purple sweet potato terrine, sashimi salad


my partner choose bean stew


for main dish, I had vegetarian meat loaf.
This one is super delicious!! You can’t believe the it’s made from only grain and vegetables.


my most fatorite parts <3
no egg, milk, butter but tastes same as regular ones.. actually better than that, you can taste same, thick and creamy texture, but you feel light after you have them :)



Mint tea ( you can choose from some kinds of tea of coffee)


(ISETAN department store 7F)

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Yatsuhashi Recipe ~ How to make Japanese cinnamon Mochi

Yatsuhashi – sometimes it’s called as “Otabe” – is Japanese mochi sweets which is famous in Kyoto region.
(Otabe is a big company name of Yatsyhashi)


What is this sweets speciality is, they use cinnamon (sometimes black sesame seeds powder too) for the Mochi, and it’s very good combination of Mochi and the flavor.

If you travel to Kyoto, they have many kinds of Yatsu-hashi. Basic ones are based on cinnamon, but some are Green tea flavor, sesame flavor, cherry blossom flavor etc.

It’s always same base ingredients, so please make some kinds of flavor you like :)!


(A) 2 Tabs. of Shiratama-ko
(A) 6 Tbs. of Joshin-ko
(A) 8 Tbs. of sugar
(A) 1 tsp of Sinnamon (black sesame seeds powder/Matcha powder)
(A) 6 Tabs. of water

Potato starch


  1. Place all the (A) s in a bowl and mix well.



  1. Wrap it and steam it for 15 minutes with middle heat.


  1. Prepare the wet clothes on the table. Place the Mochi dough on the clothes, cover it, spread it with baking pin. Fold the Mochi dough into ball shape, then keep doing it for 5-10 times until the dough became smooth.




  1. Sprinkle the potato starch on the board well, then spread the dough into thin sheet. (about 2-3 mm) Cut it into square pieces then remove the excess starch.




  1. For fresh Yatsu-hashi, Place the Anko (sweet bean paste) on the center of the Mochi then fold it.



  1. For the Baked Yatsu-hashi, cut into small pieces then bake it in the oven with 170 degree C for 15-20 minutes. (It’s gluten-free!)




Enjoy! :)

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Home made Tonyu Recipe which is ingredients for Tofu – How to make soy milk


Do you know if you can make soymilk without any machine at home?

I’ve never think about it before – since I’ve never heard of someone who do this at home.
But I suddenly thought, I madenlo Miso,plum wine, pickles, almost everything and why not soy milk?

So I made it at home, and it turned out so good!
Of course it’s pure soy and no chemicals in it, please try and you can’t buy packed one from the market anymore :)


1 cup of dried soy beans
3 cups of water

  1. Soak the soy beans in the water for 1 day.

  2. Place the water and the beans in the food processer then make it into paste.


At this point, it’s better not to make it into too smooth paste.
Please press the button only for few seconds for some times, and you can feel some grains.


  1. Replace it in the pot then cook it for 5minutes with lower heat.


  1. Prepare the clothes on the strainer then pour the soymilk in it. Squeeze the clothes.





  1. Replace it in the pot, heat it up, and once it boils, turn the heat to lower heat then cook it for 10minutes.

  2. Enjoy!

I love to drink it as cocoa, or heat it up with black sugar and Kinako( soy bean powder) as warm sweet drink <3

.. and I’ll show you how to make Tofu from scrach with this soy milk on next blog!

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One of my best favorite Japanese cafe in Tokyo – HIGASHIYA GINZA


Do you like Japanese sweets and cafe?
This cafe is for you if you’re in Tokyo.

HIGASHIYA GINZA is one of my most favorite cafe in Tokyo’
It’s located in Ginza area, so very convenient place too :)

It’s modern but also traditional Japanese atmosphere.


We ordered afternooe tea set.


On the first plate, we have several Japanese kinds of Japanese sweets.
All of them are tiny size, and super tasty!


On the second plate, we had rice ball, spinach salad, and pickles.


And you can choose the tea from several kinds of Japanese tea :)
I love their potery also…


The atmosphere was super nice too..


After I came back home, I had EBISU beer (special edition with Joel Robuchon) which was offered by Sapporo beer.
It’s nice day!


address: 1-7-7, Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo
PORA building 2F
Ginza/ Ginza ichome station, few minutes walk

東京都中央区銀座1-7-7 2F

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Hinamatsuri (Japanese girl’s day) meal


I offer the cooking classes usually, but I also take some for myself because I always want to improve my cooking and keep doing it forever.

I think learning cooking never finish, each person has different way to cook, each region has different ways etc..

Today I went to my grand master’s place, he’s alreay over 70years old but he owns his restaurant still.

We have girl’s day next month on March 3rd, so we cooked some dishes for that day :)



It’s super cold here in Japan now, but I could feel that spring is coming soon, since we can get the spring vegetable’s babies now.