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If you have leftover of Gyoza.. Gyoza soup recipe

I normally have some leftover of Gyoza when I make it at home.
Then I keep them in the freezer before cook them for my quick meal :)

Vegan Gyoza recipe is here

Ingredients (2 servings):
6 frozen Gyoza
1/4 carrot, cut into matchstick size
few garlick chives, cut into 3cm pieces
2 egg
600cc water

1 teaspoon of XO sauce

  1. Place the water in the pan, then heat it up. Add all the vegetables and cook until it.s cooked.

  2. Place frozen Gyoza and XO sauce, bring to boil. When it boils, pour the beaten egg. Adjust the taste with salt.


Enjoy! :)

And I’ve trying to make nice cookie with rice flour and also without animal products last few monthes, and I finally made it today!

I will share the recipe with you soon!


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Nice Sushi restaurant at Tsukiji – 築地虎杖 魚河岸千両

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I live very close to fish market, Tsukiji, because I can get the best quality ingredients here, but honestly I’ve never had Sushi here before.

I’m sure that all the Sushi restaurants are good, since they have good quality ingredients from the market, but I feel I can just buy the Good Sashimi and eat with home-made Sushi rice, or try other food (Japanes curry, Teishoku, or Italian) at the Tsukiji area as same as the people who works for the fishmarket eat.

But my friend told me that there’re one Sushi restaurant there, and they offer some unique Sushi, so I should try and I made it today.


It’s called as Kaisen (seafood) Hitsumabushi.
“Hitsumabushi ” is the way to eat the food but normally we only do this for eel in Nagoya.
What’s Hitsumabushi?

And I really enjoyed it!

We ordered seasonal Tempura


and the Kaisen Hitsumabushi for each of us.
Actually it’s a lot, but we easily finish them since it’s so yum!


First cup, we just eat them as regular scattered Sushi.


Second cup, we crush the sea urchen and mix all with the rice.


Third cup, we pour the Dashi(Japanese soup stoch) and eat them as Ocha-duke.
It’s super flavorful and so yum!


The name of the restaurant is 築地虎杖 魚河岸千両 , and it’s on the alley of outer fish market.




築地虎杖 魚河岸千両
4-10-14, Tsukiji, Chuo

After the satisfying Dinner, we keep craving for the food..
so we walked to Ginza, and had some sweets and coffee at Rose Bakery.


Oyasumi nasai :)


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Vegan Gyoza Recipe – How to make vegetarian Gyoza

Gyoza, Japanese dumpling, is made from pork and vegetable.
It’s one of my favorite, I sometimes change the filling to enjoy different taste, and I made up very tasty vegetarian Gyoza today so I want to share with you!


Ingredients(2 servings):

4 leaves of cabbage
1 pack of spinach
2 bundle of Japanese mustard spinach
1 bottle of seitan(170g)

1 clove of garlick, finely chopped
1 piece of ginger, finely chopped

1 pack of Gyoza skin (20-30 pieces)
2 Tbs. Mirin ( or you can use smaller portion or sugar)

sesame oil



  • this time, I used whole wheet dumplin skin, but you can also use regular skin
  • I used three kinds of vegetable, but please use any kind of seasonal vegetable you have (it’s better to use something less waterly one)
  • Seitan is wheat gluten.
    but normally soaked in soy sauce and the saltiness is depend on the brands, so please boil it in the water for few minutes to remove excess salt if you think it’s too salty.



  1. Place vegetable oil, chopped garlick and ginger in the pan then heat it up. When you have good garlic flavor, add all the chopped vegetables.


  1. When all the vegetables became soft, add Seitan and mirin. Keep cooking until all the liquids is gone. Adjust the taste with salt. Cool it down.



  1. Wrap the Gyoza. (you can use any ways to wrap them)



  1. Place sesame oil in the pan then place Gyozas. When the bottom became brown, add 20cc- water in the pan the place a lid. Steam for few minutes.



  1. Enjoy!
    I normally make the Gyoza sauce, mixed with soy sauce, rice vinegar, and chili oil.


And we also had Nama-Shirasu since the season just started <3


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Fuki-Miso Recipe – How to make flavored Miso with butterbur scape

I love spring vegetables so I’m so enjoying cooking especialy this season. I guess Fukinotou (butterbur scape) is not well known ingredients for you, but it’s on season now in Japan and has nice bitter flavor :) It’s good to use for simple Tempura, or Fuki-Miso (flavored Miso with Fukinotou). Today I show you how to make Fuki-Miso! 20140425-102258.jpg Ingredients: 1 pack of Fukinotou 100g brown Miso 1-2 Tbs. white Miso 3 Tbs. Mirin 2 Tbs. sugar 1. Boil the Fukinotou for few minutes or until it’s cooked. 20140425-102307.jpg 2. Squeeze and drain the water well. Chop into very fine pieces. 3. Place all the ingredients in a pan and cook it for 5-10mins. to concentrate the paste. 20140425-102315.jpg I forgot to take pic after I finish cooking, but it looks like just regular Miso paste. You can make it only this season, so I normally freeze it after I make. You can use it as the filling of Onigiri, or as dressing for grilled meat/vegetables. I used this sauce for the onion last time :) The sauce is salty as Miso pasteso you don’t need much for cooking.. please add small portions to add the spring flavor <3

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Pumpkin bread Recipe


I love pumpkins (especialy Hokkaido pumpkin) and use it for baking.
Today I introduce you how to make macrobiotic pumpkin cake :)
It’s not so much sweet (between cake and bread?) so you can add more sugar if you like.


200g pumpkin, cut into cube and steamed
1 piece of ginger, chopped
(A)100cc (half Japanese cup) whole wheat flour
(A)100cc cake flour
(A)1.5 Tbs. baking powder
(A)1 ts. cinnamon
(A)a pinch of salt

(B)50cc maple syrup
(B)50cc rape seed oil
(B)200cc soy milk
(B)80g beets sugar

  1. Mix all the (A)s well. mix all the (B)s in the another bowl well.

  2. Combine the two bowls well, Add chopped ginger and steamed pumpkin and mix with spatura. Then pour the dough in the pound cake mold.

  3. Bake it in the oven with 180degree C for 40 mins.

☆you can also steam it in the steamer for 30mins-. You can enjoy different texture :) It’s more moist texture..



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Organic cafe at Omotesando area – daylesford

I just found very nice organic cafe!
It’s close to UN building and the name is daylesford.

First floor is buffe and the organic store, and second floor is regular cafe.


The atmosphere is so nice, I just love the food and the space.


They have some kinds of Lunch menu, today’s pasta, today’s open sand, etc..
I ordered salad plate which including five kinds of salad on a plate :)



It’s super tasty but very small portion, so I think it’s nice branch or the light Lunch before your tea and sweets.

If you have time on sunny day. I totally recommend this place!


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Miso onion Recipe – How to make Shin Tamanegi no Miso yaki


It’s the season of onion (fresh season onion) now in Japan!

It’s so good texture and the flavor.. :)

I love to make marinade with them but I introduce easy recipe of onion cocked with oven!


Ingredients (2 servings):
2 onion
Miso paste

  1. Cut the fresh season onion (Shin-Tamanegi) into half.


  1. Put some Miso paste between the layers of onion.
    I put for two layers.




  1. Cover with hoil and Cook them in the oven with 220 degree C for 20 minutes first, then for 10 minutes without hoil.


You can use any kind of Miso you like, or sweet Miso sauce.

I’ll show you how to make sweet Miso sauce with next post!