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Miso onion Recipe – How to make Shin Tamanegi no Miso yaki


It’s the season of onion (fresh season onion) now in Japan!

It’s so good texture and the flavor.. :)

I love to make marinade with them but I introduce easy recipe of onion cocked with oven!


Ingredients (2 servings):
2 onion
Miso paste

  1. Cut the fresh season onion (Shin-Tamanegi) into half.


  1. Put some Miso paste between the layers of onion.
    I put for two layers.




  1. Cover with hoil and Cook them in the oven with 220 degree C for 20 minutes first, then for 10 minutes without hoil.


You can use any kind of Miso you like, or sweet Miso sauce.

I’ll show you how to make sweet Miso sauce with next post!

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  1. Oh yum! We have several onion “seasons” here. Vidalia onions are in the spring, grown in Vidalia, GA. the soil there is unique and gives them a silky sweet taste. In the fall, there is will be Texas Sweets! I can hardly wait to try this. looks wonderful and easy.

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