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How to make cold shabu shabu – Rei-shabu (cold pork salad) recipe


It’s getting so hot and humid from July in Tokyo, Japan.

I love cooking a lot but I don’t want to cook with heat sometimes because of this humidity- I guess you know what I mean if you’ve been to here!

Today I share one of my favorite dish, it’s really good  especially for summer :)

We have Shabu-shabu (pork hot pot) a lot in winter, but this one is Rei-Shabu- it means cold Shabu-Shabu, it’s not hot pot, more like cold salad.

Cooking time is very short, about 10 minutes, and It’s really delicious light dish even when you don’t have appetite in summer, or for your appetizer.


-Rei-shabu salad

(Cold Shabu-Shabu with sesame sauce)

Ingredients (2 servings)

200g of thinly sliced pork (If you can get Shabu-Shabu pork, it’s preferred)

1 cucumber

4 leaves of lettuce

Or you can use any kinds of vegetable you like for the salad! J


  • Sesame dressing

(A) 2 Tablespoons of pure white sesame paste

(A) 2 Tablespoons of soy sauce

(A) 1 Tablespoon of rice vinegar

(A) 1 Tablespoon of sugar or honey


  1.  Mix all the (A)s in a bawl well.

  2. Cut the cucumber into 5cm pieces and cut into thin strips. Shred the lettuce into bite-size pieces.

  3. Boil hot water in a pot and place the sliced pork for 10-20 seconds (or until it cooked) one by one, place in a ice-water, and wash it well. Drain the water.


  1. Place lettuce, cucumber, pork on a serving plate and put the sesame dressing on top.


Enjoy! <3

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Kagurazaka- Japanese sweets cafe

画像Today I want to introduce one of my favorite Japanese sweets stores, “Saryo” at Kagurazaka in Tokyo.

画像If you crave Japanese sweets and love an old-fashioned place, go to this tiny sweets store. Its focus on classic modern sweets—Green tea parfait, sweet pumpkin soup, black sugar pudding, Green tea ice cream with Mochi, and other sweet memories—make it a nostalgia fest, all displayed in this wooden house decorated with old Japanese furnishings.

画像画像They also have outside seats so I definitely recommend sitting outside if the weather is nice!

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How to make Ganmodoki (Hiryuzu) – Japanese deep-fried bean curd Recipe


Hello everyone!

Today I introduce Ganmodoki (it’s also called as Hiryuzu in west) Recipe, which uses Tofu and vegetables- If you’re vegetarians or  food lovers, please try it!

Ingredients (4 servings):

Hard Tofu 400g
Grated Japanese yum 20g
8 Jew’s ear
40g carrot
(A) 1/2 teaspoon of soy sauce
(A) 1 teaspoon of Mirin
a pinch of salt
1/2 beaten egg
vegetable oil

  1. Drain the water from Tofu (I usually wrap with kitchen paper and put in a microwave for 2-3 minutes I don’t have enough time to drain with traditional way)
  2.  Cut the carrot into thin strips and cut the Jew’s ear into small pieces. Cook them in the boiled water for few minutes and drain the water. Mix all the (A)s, carrot, and Jew’s ear in a bowl.
  3. Strain the Tofu to make it smooth. Add the beaten egg, salt, Japanese grated yum, and all the (2) then mix well.
  4. Separate into 9-12 pieces and make a ball shape. (if the dough sticks, place oil on the hands)

5. Deep-fried the ball in vegetable oil (about 160-170 degree)


It’s a little bit difficult to make but it’s very tasty if you cook from scratch.
(You can also buy pre-made one at any market in Japan)
You can eat it only with salt soon after cooked, or you can simmer the Ganmodoki with soup stock as well :)
The key is cooking the dough in a little low-tempareture oil for slowly. (about 15-minutes)
If you cook with high temperature, you can cook the ingredients but the texture would be different (It should be fluffy-juicy texture).

Enjoy!! <3

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How to make buta no kakuni – Japanese pork stew kakuni Recipe (easy one)


The humid summer is almost over in Tokyo.
People often say “Autumn appetite” (食欲の秋) in this season, since we have so many tasty ingredients in this season.
And of course, it’s my most favorite season also!
Can’t wait to cook chestnut, pumpkin, sweet potato, fish etc…

Today I introduce you Kakuni (Japanese pork stew) recipe which is one of my husband’s favorite dish :)
The key is just cook slowly, and for long time- then the pork became melting texture- Yum! so it takes time but is very easy and no fail!


1kg of Pork Belly

6-8 Leak

(A) 200cc of water
(A) 100cc of soy sauce
(A) 100cc of cooking Sake
(A) 5 Table spoons of sugar (If you like sweet taste, you can add more)

  1. Place all the leak in a pan.

  2. Cut the pork belly into 3cm blocks and place on the leak.

  3. Add all the (A)s in a pan and place a lid. Cook until it boils.
    ( It looks water is not enough, but it’s coming out from leak later)


  1. Once it boils, remove the lid and cook for 2 hours with lower heat or until the meat became soft. If the pork is not melting texture, it’s not done!

If you have left over of this pork, it’s also nice to make fried rice with diced pork and this sauce!
Enjoy :)

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Japanese cherry season! – Cherry Jam recipe

This weekend, I and my husband went to our granma’s house,  Japanese cherry orchard.

The cherry season is only 2-3 weeks and it’s quite busy season for them to pick them up and place in the box etc, so we went there to help her (she is 82 years old!)  but most of the time we just pick up ant ate them… :)

Hope we could help some!



It takes time to place cherry in a box!


Her house is at Yamanashi, next to Tokyo province, and I love country side in Japan very much. Great atmosphere-

Breakfast (I know Japanese people eat a lot!)


Old houses in their town


They usually don’t sell bad shape ones, so she gave us a lot of them and I made cherry Jam and some sweets after we came back home.

  • Cherry jam recipe


1kg of Cherry ( I removed seeds by hand in advance, and keep the juice also)

400g of sugar

50g of lemon juice (about 1-2 lemons)

  1. Place cherry and half sugar in a bowl and leave it for 30 minutes.

  2. Place (1) and lemon in a pan and cook it for 1 hour. Remove harshness if there’s. Keep Skimming scum until it’s gone.

  3. Add the lest of the sugar and boil it for 30 minutes.

  4. Place the Jam in a jar during it’s hot and upside-down until it cools down.


Can’t wait to use them to make some sweets..!! <3

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Taro Miso Recipe – How to make Taro salad


Do you like Satoimo (Japanese Taro)?
It has good chewy texture, and very good for your health.. :)

3 medium Satoimo
2 Tbs. white Miso
2 Tbs. penut cream (non sugar)

  1. Mix Miso and penut cream well.


  1. Steam Satoimo until it’s cooked (about 15mins.-)


  1. Peel off Satoimo, cut into bite size pieces.
    Take out one piece, mush it and mix with (1) to make dressing. Mix all well.


Today’s Dinner..

Vegan carrot raison cake and burduck root cookies


mackerel, vegetable sushi, Koya Tofu, Taro salad etc :)