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My brother’s organic restaurant in Tokyo – Kitchen Watarigarasu

Somehow, I haven’t introduced my brother’s tiny restaurant in Tokyo yet in my blog.
One of the reason is, it’s too close to me, I often eat there ( or even sometimes help his kitchen) and don’t take much pictures.. :)

He doesn’t cook traditional Japanese, it’s kind of fusion food based on seasonal organic veggies, and organic wines.

He doesn’t have the same menu, since he cooks besed on whatever he has on that day which organic farmers sent him.

On the other day’s Omakase course.. (Today’s special course)

Some kinds of vegetable appetizer
(spagetti squash etc)


Deep-fried bitter cucumber


We had baby squid tomato glatin, and octopus carpaccio, home-made baguette etc, but I forgot to take pictures again..
We asked him non-meat Omakase because my friends are vegetarian, but usually you have pork putty or simmered beaf with red wine or something as well.

Scallop with Ratatouille with croquette and grilled potatoes


You will have seasonal pasta or something at this point, but we’re too full and just asked him to stop spoiling us too much.

Home-made ice cream


If you like seasonal ingredients, please try them :)
He cooks everything from scratch, including sausage or bacon for example.
He’s only the chef there (very tiny restaurant) so it takes more time to prepare the food than the others, but you can taste very natural flavor :)

Kitchen Watarigarasu
3-24-14, Higashi, Shibuya
No Sun
you can walk from Ebisu station, JR Yamanote-line fr Hibiya-line

With my great company :)


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My favorite Unagi ( eel) restaurant in Tokyo 宮川本店


If you come to Japan, or live in Japan, one of the things you must eat is Unagi!
Most of the eel in the supermarket or at the regular restaurant, is imported eel and very oily texture because they’re cultivated.

Japanese one is much light, and fluffy texture.
You can taste it only in Japan :)

My favorite restaurant is 宮川本店 (Miyagawa Honten) in Ginza area.


The second floor is Tatami floore, and the restaurant has relaxing atmosphere..

They basically have only two menus as same as any professional eel restaurant, “Shira yaki” ( no sauce, you can dip it with soy sauce and Wasabi when you eat it) and “Kaba yaki” ( regular one).
And you can choose the size :)


Only thing you have to be careful is, it takes about 30mins. to be served after you order the eel.
Because after they have the order, they start cooking eel and it normally takes time.


1-4-6, Tsukiji, Chuo, Tokyo
11:30-14:00, 17:00-20:00
No Sat

you can take Tsukiji station, or Shintomicho station :)


By the way, I watched the TV and fount out there’re “cucumber pickle bread” in a certain area in Japan.. (Kobe area)
It looks like a hot dog, but they just Japanese pickle instead of sausage..
and I heard the taste is nice.
I wanna try it, but it’s not in Tokyo area..



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Hokkaido foods <3


My mom originally from Hokkaido, so my cooking (food) roots is also from Hokkaido..
We use many kinds of northern seafood, lot of potatoes/pumpkins, kelp, daily for example :)
(You can think about the UK weather)

Most of the cheese are imported from other countries in the supermarket if you can find many kinds of them, but in Hokkaido, you can find these kinds of cheeses and all of them are made in Hokkaido!
If you know how poor Japanese cheese selection we have in Tokyo, it’s quite amazing.

And every time I go back there, I go to this Sushi restaurant, “Hana-maru” in Sapporo city..


The best bakery in Japan, “Ange”

But east side of Hokkaido, you can find more deer meat.
We ate deer almost everyday, it’s like lean beef and so tasty :)
(The picture is at Ainu minority restaurant)

And if you have any chance to go to Hokkaido, I suggest you to
– rent a car, it makes you much easier to travel! For example, it took us 8 hours to drive from Sapporo to east side of Hokkaido, but we enjoyed the small cities on a way and there’re only one train a day..
-stay in a pension, which is normally owned by one couple and is like small regular house. They offer you Home-made Dinner and breakfast, and the house is located in the nature often. You can taste better food than the restaurant, and they always have great hospitality so you can relax like at home!

This food is from the pension we stayed..
The owner (is usually chef) cooked Italian course, and this is the club meat pasta with tomato cream sauce, and he makes the fresh pasta with Hokkaido flour everyday.
We had Lasana, appetizer, dessert, meat, fish so on.

Maybe I love Hokkaido too much, ( I wanna move there to have a small farm and pension in the future..) but I really want you to try there if you have chance, you will love the nature and the foods :)

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From East side of Hokkaido

We just came back from Hokkaido, my second home town and the northernmost island in Japan.

Hokkaido is huge, it takes about 1 month if you want to see each parts of Hokkaido, so we spent one week in the east side of Hokkaido (we call it as Doto)
And It was just beautiful.

This area, as called Bihoro 美幌, is very famous for potato, onion, beats, and wheat.

And of course the daily products as same as the other places in Hokkaido :)

We visited a daily farm,


and the wheat/onion/beats farms etc..


Japanese wheats tastes so nice, but usually I don’t see any Japanese wheat flour in the market (most of them are imported from US) because it’s super popular and nice bakery or nice restaurants buy them all, and there’re no left for us…
You can get beats sugar (it’s good for your health!) at any big market, and all of them came from Hokkaido :)



I love Hokkaido not because all my relatives are there, because the air and the water is so nice, you can smell green, and all the good foods are here.
If you live in Tokyo or main island and want to escape from the heat, it’s the nice place for you, there’re no humidity!


It’s the closest place to Russia, if you take a boat for one hour on this sea, ten you can arrive the RUssian island.. :)
In summer time, almost everyday you can watch the wheal.


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Japanese fireworks and Yatai foods!

Summer season, we have fireworks almost every weekend at somewhere in Tokyo ( or other places as well)
we just went one of them this weekend, and we felt summer finally!

Most of the fireworks festivals have more than 10.000 shots, and fireworks professionals have been working hard for summer time.

Befor we watch them, one of the things we’re looking for on fireworks day is, street food (Yatai)!

Many kinds of Yakitori.. (chicken on skewer)

Takoyaki.. (octopus ball)



Yakitori again..



Motsuni.. (organ stew with root vegetables)


we ate all of them, and went back to the stores for round two!

The firewirks were beautiful after we filled our stomach..





One of the picture is Pokemon fireworks :)
There’re some more fireworks, so please try one if you’re in Japan this month!
(and plaese make sure to be hungry before you go)