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Great Oyako-don restaurant at Tsukiji – Toritoh 鳥藤


Tsukiji market is famous for seafood for tourist, but actually there’re very good quality meat and vegetable there because many professionals come here to buy all the ingredients.

鳥藤 ( Toritoh) is famous as chicken store, you can buy all parts of chicken and they’re all good quality.

Toritoh also has tiny chicken restaurant at Tsukiji outer market and inner market, and the food tastes so nice of course.


There’re only several menus, which all based on chicken.
Oyako-don, Teriyaki-don etc..


We ordered Chicken Kara-age for side dish.


For the main dishes, Oyako- don and Oyako curry ( Oyako-don and curry combined together on the rice).
All the menus cost under 1000JPY.



It’s famous and popular store for Japanese people so always there’re line in front of the restaurant (not so much tourist) but it’s worth to line up :)



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