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Tsumire-Nabe Recipe – How to make Japanese fish ball hotpot


It’s getting cold in Tokyo and the Nabe (Japanese hotpot) season has come!


Today I want to share one of my favorite Nabe recipe, Tsumire-Nabe.

Ingredients (4 servings):
(A) 6 Aji (Japanese mackrel)
(A) 1/2 onion
(A) 20g of ginger
(A) 1 egg white
(A) 1 teaspoon of salt

4 cups of Dashi (stock)
any vegetable, mushrooms
Ramen noodle

Any sauce for dipping (I like Ponzu fop this hotpot)

  1. Fillet the Aji. Mix all the (A)s in the food processer, then make it into paste.


  1. Prepare Dashi (or any soup stock) in the pot, bring to boil. Make fish ball shape with two spoons, then place in the pan.


  1. Place other vegetable and mushroom in the pan.
    Enjoy them with your favorite sauce!



I like to use Ponzu sauce for Tsumire (fishball) for dipping, and after we finish all, we add Ramen noodle and beaten egg in the leftover of the soup.
If you use rice and egg, you can also eat tasty porrige :)

2 thoughts on “Tsumire-Nabe Recipe – How to make Japanese fish ball hotpot

  1. This looks amazing. We are giant fans of hot pot, but I’d prefer to make my own meatballs instead of always buying the processed ones from the grocery store. When we finish eating, I am always too full to enjoy the rice or noodles! Come have a look at our website, The Tabletop Cook, at

    1. Keili, Thank you so much for your comment!
      I love hotpot too and I think the pre-made ones are based on flour rather than the fish or meat. So please try the home made ones, it’s much healthier for you <3

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