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Great Japanese-Italian restaurant in Karuizawa – En boca


We just had a short vacation to Karuizawa, which is licated at Nagano prefecture and famous as vacation place.

Before we went there, I asked several friends who traveled Karuizawa recently where I should go and all of them said “En boca”.

This is Italian restaurant but they try to use the local ingredients as much as possible, so it’s not traditinal Italian food and it’s something make
them different.

Today’s soup (pumpkin)

I heard their pizza is so amazing so we choose
Renkon (Lotus root) with genovese sauce
Nozawana with sesame Tofu
(Nozawana is green vegetable pickles which is the speciality in Nagano)


Mushroom with cream sauce


My favorite was Nozawana, suprisingly the pickles and sesame Tofu is so nice with the great pizza dough!

It’s super cold there in this season, but you can also enjoy snow sports.

Please try this restaurant if you have a chance to go to Karuizawa :)

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