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Great Lunch place with your baby in Tokyo – Peninsula hotel cafe


There’re not that much restaurants you can take your baby (stroller) in Tokyo.

The peninsula hotel Cafe is welcoming your baby even with the big stroller, and they can serve the baby plstic cup etc :)

They have three kinds of Lunch menu, Monthly Lunch (appetizer, main, dessert, tea/coffee 1800JPY), Pasta Lunch (today’s pasta, mini salad, mini soup 1000JPY), and Lunch course (pre-fix appetizer, main, bread, dessert, tea/coffee 2600JPY).

This month, 2015 Jan, the monthly Lunch is Thai and I ordered it :)

Thai salad with chicken and Mizuna leaves with sweet chili dressing

Tom yum goong with Thai rice


Coconut milk with Mango ice cream with tea


The peninsula Boutique & Cafe

They have also bread and cakes to go in the cafe, my favorite is Banana custard cream croissant and sweet bean bread :)!

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  1. look delicious,…

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    look delicious

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