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Rice flour cookie Recipe

I’ve been making sweets a lot recently.. :)

I made some simple cookies with Rice flour today.
I also use fresh cream instead of butter to make it a little bit healthier but stlill have thick milk flavor :)
I wanted to make it with soy milk instead of animal product, but it tends to be hard texture.. fresh cream cookies texture is so crispy and tasty!
please try!

200g Rice flour
80g beets sugar
2 teaspoons of baking powder
4 Tablespoons of vegetable oil
10 Tablespoons of fresh cream

  1. Mix rice flour, baking powdei and beets sugar well.

  2. Add the vegetable oil and fresh cream, mix well. Spread into 3mm thickness then make cirkle shape pieces.

  3. Bake them in the oven with 180 degree C for 18-20 minutes.


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Brown rice risotto Recipe

Finally, spring has come in Japan!

We had snow at the beginning of this month, but it’s getting warmer from this week.

Fava bean is one of the spring vegetable here, and the Tsukiji market started to sell it this week :)
I made brown rice Risotto for our Dinner with fava beans and salmon, to have spring color.

1 cup of brown rice
1.5 cups of vegetable soup stock
1 clove of garlick
1 onion, chopped finely
2 salmon fillet
10 fava beans
100g of mountain cheese
olive oil

this time, I used 3 months, 8 months, 13 months mountain cheese mixed together.

  1. Wash the rice, soak in the water for 30mins, then drain the water.
    (if you use white rice, you don’t need to wash it)

  2. Place the olive oil, garlick and onion in the pan then cook until the onion became soft.
    Add the rice then keep cooking until the rice became clear color.



  1. Add the soup stock little by little then place salmon on top. Place a lid then cook it for 50mins.


  1. Meanwhile boil the fava beans in the boiled water (add 1 Tbs. sake in the waterfor 2 mins, peel off the skin.


  1. Mix all the ingredients wee and remove the salmon skin.
    Enjoy! :)


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Gluten free Yuzu pound cake Recipe

I love to use rice flour to bake a cake because of the fluffy and moist texture.

This cake recipe takes only 10mins. to prep, please try when you crave for some sweets! :)



2 eggs
80g beet sugar
40g vegetable oil
20cc soy milk
100g rice flour
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1 Yuzu (separate into juice and peel)

  1. Place the eggs and sugar in a bowl.
    Whip them until it became fluffy.



  1. Add the oil, soy milk, Yuzu juice and peel, then mix well.
    Shift the flour and baking powder, add them in the bowl, then mix well.

  2. Place the dough in the mole then back it for 35mins. with 180 degree C.



Enjoy! :)




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Very tasty macrobiotic restaurant in Tokyo – CHAYA

First, I’m not vegetarian, I eat everything, but I love to have macrobiotic food ovegetarian food sometimes, since I love veggies and healthy tasty dishes!

This restaurant is really great, not only for vegetarians, for everyone who are foodies!

CHAYA is in the ISETAN department store in Shinjuku, at 7th floor.

Some of you who live in US might know this restaurant, because they have branches there as well.
I tried one in SF before, it’s different menus from here but was also great.

We had pre-fixed Dinner course on the other day.


seasonal veggies


I choose assorted appetizer, croquetto, purple sweet potato terrine, sashimi salad


my partner choose bean stew


for main dish, I had vegetarian meat loaf.
This one is super delicious!! You can’t believe the it’s made from only grain and vegetables.


my most fatorite parts <3
no egg, milk, butter but tastes same as regular ones.. actually better than that, you can taste same, thick and creamy texture, but you feel light after you have them :)



Mint tea ( you can choose from some kinds of tea of coffee)


(ISETAN department store 7F)

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Amazake sweets Recipe- How to make Amazake cookie

In the last blog, I wrote about Amazake and the recipe to make it from scratch.

It’s super good for your health, we sometimes call it as “drinking IV (intravenous infusion”..
Amazake includes a lot of Vit.Bs and amino acid.

I love to drink just hot Amazake, but today I iwant to introduce you how to use it for sweets.
You can keep it in the fridge about one week, so please use it for your main dish/sweets etc instead of using sugar, you will taste the deepness of the flavor :)

Amazake Cookie Recipe (non egg, non sugar, non daily product)


All purpose flour 100g
Whole wheat flour 60g
(A) 110g Amazake
(A) 40g oil
(A) a pinch of salt

If you like, please add any kind of nuts or chocolate chips or  dried fruits.
This time I use carob chips :)



  1. Mix whole wheat flour and all purpose flour well.

  2. Mix all the (A)s in the other bowl until the color became whitish color.



  1. Mix (1) and (2) well. This time I add some carob tips at this point.

  2. Make the shape. about 7-8mm thickness and 3cm circle shape.


  1. Bake it in the oven for 30 minutes with 160 degree C.

  2. Enjoy!! :)

If you make this cookie without any carob tips or dried fruits, it’s not sweet compared to pre-made cookies since it doesn’t include any sugar. But you can taste very natural sweetness from the Amazake (the sweetness is like crackers) and the texture is crispy outside and a little moist inside. It’s very nice! If you like more sweet one, please add chopped dried fruit or carob chip etc. I made plain and carob one, half and half :)
And you can also make it with rice flour as well, in this case, please adjust the oil or Amazake amount (liquid amount) depends on the dough!


If you like more sweet one, you can add dried fruits,

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Tofu cheese cake recipe – How to make Tofu cheese cake


Last night, I was craving for something sweets.
But I feel guilty to eat too sugarly things at late night, because I knew that I couldn’t be satisfied with small portion, so I made my favorite healthy sweets – Tofu cheese cake.

Many natural healthy concept pastry shop offer Tofu cheese cake too, since Tofu texture can be cheese texture and has thickness of the taste so they often replace half amount of cheese wit Tofu.

Today I introduce no cream cheese nor egg one, and If you don’t know the ingredients, I’m sure that you can’t tell it’s made from Tofu :)!

And one thing, please use good Tofu! (cheap Tofu is not real one sometimes)

ingredients( 1 whole of 20cm pan):
(A) 25g Rape seed oil ( or any kind of oil)
(A) 25g Maple syrup
(A) 10g soy milk

(B) 90g of flour ( I used whole wheet flour and regular flour half and half)
(B) a pinch of salt

2 packs of HARD Tofu (about 600g)
(C) 40g Almond powder
(C) 15g Kuzu starch
(C) 50g of Rape seed oil
(C) 60g Maple syrup
(C) 110g Rice syrup (Kome ame)
(C) 3 Tbs. lemon juice


  1. Place all the (A)s in a bowl and mix well. Shift all the (B)s, add it to the bowl then mix well with spatura.

  2. Place the crust dough under the cake pan, make some whole with folk thek back it for 15mins. with 180degree C.


  1. During baking the crust, wrap the Tofu with kichen paper then microwave (600W) for 4-5mins. to drain water.




Can you see the water from Tofu?


  1. Place 350g of drained Tofu in food processer then make it into paste.

  2. Add all the (C)s then mix well.


  1. Place the Tofu mixture in the pan then bake it for 40-45mins. with 180degree C.


  1. Cool it down well and enjoy!



… I’ve already ate half whole of the cake only for 1 day.. :P