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Ramen egg Recipe

Making Ramen takes loooong time.. sometimes 20-40hours to make the soup stock if you don’t use any chemicals.

So I usually don’t make Ramen at home, but do make Ramen egg.


I’m not sure if you’d had it before, this is boiled egg flavored with soy sauce.

Normally this egg yolk is not completely cooked, and it’s a bit sticky texture with good flavor!

I often eat them with rice, and also the noodles.
Please try!

6-8 eggs
(A) 200cc water
(A) 40cc soy sauce
(A) 3 cloves of garlic, grated
(A) 1 piece of ginger, grated
(A) 1 teaspoon of sesame oil

  1. Mix all the (A)s in a container well.


  1. Place eggs and plenty of water in the pan, heat it up. After it boils, cook for 4mins then stop the gas.
    Place the eggs in the ice water.


  1. Peel off the eggs then soak in the sauce mixture for 3-5days.
    At this point, inside of egg is still raw, so please peel off gently.


3 days after I soaked..
it became like this.



I like the 3-4 days egg, but if you like stronger taste, you can marinate more. or less.

Please make a lot first and everyday you can try one egg, then you know which one is your best :)

Today’s dessert..
Joel Robuchon bakery just started Autumn fair which use pumpkin, chestnut, and sweet potatoes.. it’s my favorite every year <3


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Makaroni-Guratan Recipe – How to make Japanese Macaroni gratin

This is my favorite dish when I was a child, and it’s also very popular for all the Japanese children (of course for adults too) – Macaroni gratin.

It’s one of the typical Japanese Yoshoku, the food originally came from other country bu is developed in Japan, and I think each family have the different version of them.


I suddenly wanted to have this after a long time (maybe because it’s getting cooler in Tokyo?) , and it made me very nostalgic when we had dinner.

My recipe is only the example, so please use your favorite meat or vegetable for your own :)

Ingredients (4servings):

1 onion, sliced
3 big sausages, sliced
3 potatoes, steamed and sliced
2 carrot, sliced and steamed

150g of macaroni

Pizza cheese as much as you like

-White sauce
600cc of fresh milk, with room temparature
45g of butter
3 Tbs. of all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon of salt

  1. Preheat the oven as 210 ℃.

  2. Make the white sauce. Place the butter and flour in the pan, then heat it up.


When the butter melts, add the milk little by little.
Please don’t add too much milk, because you will get some chunks and the sauce doesn’t become smooth.




Add the salt and mix well, then stop the gas.

  1. Steam the potatoes and carrot. Peel off the skin and slice the potatoes.


  1. In the other pan, pan fry the onion and sausages well. When the onion is cooked, add the cooked macaroni (please follow the package how many minutes for cooking), carrot, and all the white sauce.




Adjust the taste with salt.

  1. Place the (4) in the plate then sprinkle the pizza cheese on top. Bake it in the oven with 210 ℃ for 17-20mins.


Today I used sausage with potato and carrot, but I also like the combination of salmon with mushroom, or chicken with pumpkins.

Enjoy! :)


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Houtou Recipe – How to make hoto udon – Yamanashi local speciality noodle houtou udon dish recipe

At the end of year, I stayed Yamanashi prefecture and we cooked some local speciality :)
I LOVE to learn local speciality since you can learn not only about their weather/land, but about their culture as well.

Do you know Houtou?
It’s Japanese noodle dish and local speciality of Yamanashi prefecture.
It’s similar to Udon but more flat noodles, and stewed in kind of Miso soup.
Actually noodle ingredients are completely same as Udon. but the way of making/cooking them are very different. Udon texture is very smooth but Houtou noodle and soup are very sticky and thick as like stew.
This dish make you warm, so I recommend you to cook it in cold winter day!

what is Houtou


middle strength flour
warm water

1/4 pumpkin
1/2 sweet potato
1 carrot
300g sliced pork
1-2 spring onion, sliced


  1. place flour ( this time we used 500g for 6 servings) in a bowl and add warm water little by little. when you can make one ball, stop adding water ( if you put too much water then please add flour). knead well.



At this point, you should let sit the dough for a while if you make Udon, but you don’t need that for Houtou.

  1. Spread the dough into few mm then cut into 5-6mm noodles.



  1. Cut all the vegetable into small cubes. Sautee the pork and vegetables with vegevable oil.




  1. When they’re almost cooked, pour hot water to cover all the veggies ( the amount is up to your pot size or veggies amount) then simmer until they became soft.


  1. When ingredients became soft, melt Miso paste litte by little. (please ajust the miso amount since the saltiness is depends on Miso). Then add the noodles in the soup then cook for about 10minutes.


  1. At the last moment, add the sliced spring onion then it’s done!
    It’s noodle stew, so it tastes even better next day! :)