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My favorite Pizza place in Tokyo – Napule



I and my husband went to Omotesando to take maternity photo on the other day, so we went to my favorite restaurant Napule afterward.
If you love napoli pizza, you should try here :)

They have branch in Tokyo midtown and also close to Omotesand station.
You can make reservation only for dinner, and it’s better to book in advance especially for weekend or friday night.

They have very good deal set Lunch only on weekday, so when you don’t have work, it’s nice to try there on weekday, you can get wonderful pizza or pasta with under 1500JPY.

We ordered and shared pizza set and pasta set.


small salad


pizza (tomato sauce, anchovy, mozzarella, herb)


pasta(salmon, sprinach, cream sauce)


They have several choices of pizza/pasta and everyday it’s different.


There’re much more variety at dinner time, hope you enjoy there :)

address 東京都港区南青山5-6-24
1minute from Omotesando station
11:30-14:30 / 18:00-22:00

And now I’m on 37weeks of pregnancy, a little bit nervous but so excited!


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Great Japanese-Italian restaurant in Karuizawa – En boca


We just had a short vacation to Karuizawa, which is licated at Nagano prefecture and famous as vacation place.

Before we went there, I asked several friends who traveled Karuizawa recently where I should go and all of them said “En boca”.

This is Italian restaurant but they try to use the local ingredients as much as possible, so it’s not traditinal Italian food and it’s something make
them different.

Today’s soup (pumpkin)

I heard their pizza is so amazing so we choose
Renkon (Lotus root) with genovese sauce
Nozawana with sesame Tofu
(Nozawana is green vegetable pickles which is the speciality in Nagano)


Mushroom with cream sauce


My favorite was Nozawana, suprisingly the pickles and sesame Tofu is so nice with the great pizza dough!

It’s super cold there in this season, but you can also enjoy snow sports.

Please try this restaurant if you have a chance to go to Karuizawa :)

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Great Oyako-don restaurant at Tsukiji – Toritoh 鳥藤


Tsukiji market is famous for seafood for tourist, but actually there’re very good quality meat and vegetable there because many professionals come here to buy all the ingredients.

鳥藤 ( Toritoh) is famous as chicken store, you can buy all parts of chicken and they’re all good quality.

Toritoh also has tiny chicken restaurant at Tsukiji outer market and inner market, and the food tastes so nice of course.


There’re only several menus, which all based on chicken.
Oyako-don, Teriyaki-don etc..


We ordered Chicken Kara-age for side dish.


For the main dishes, Oyako- don and Oyako curry ( Oyako-don and curry combined together on the rice).
All the menus cost under 1000JPY.



It’s famous and popular store for Japanese people so always there’re line in front of the restaurant (not so much tourist) but it’s worth to line up :)



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My brother’s organic restaurant in Tokyo – Kitchen Watarigarasu

Somehow, I haven’t introduced my brother’s tiny restaurant in Tokyo yet in my blog.
One of the reason is, it’s too close to me, I often eat there ( or even sometimes help his kitchen) and don’t take much pictures.. :)

He doesn’t cook traditional Japanese, it’s kind of fusion food based on seasonal organic veggies, and organic wines.

He doesn’t have the same menu, since he cooks besed on whatever he has on that day which organic farmers sent him.

On the other day’s Omakase course.. (Today’s special course)

Some kinds of vegetable appetizer
(spagetti squash etc)


Deep-fried bitter cucumber


We had baby squid tomato glatin, and octopus carpaccio, home-made baguette etc, but I forgot to take pictures again..
We asked him non-meat Omakase because my friends are vegetarian, but usually you have pork putty or simmered beaf with red wine or something as well.

Scallop with Ratatouille with croquette and grilled potatoes


You will have seasonal pasta or something at this point, but we’re too full and just asked him to stop spoiling us too much.

Home-made ice cream


If you like seasonal ingredients, please try them :)
He cooks everything from scratch, including sausage or bacon for example.
He’s only the chef there (very tiny restaurant) so it takes more time to prepare the food than the others, but you can taste very natural flavor :)

Kitchen Watarigarasu
3-24-14, Higashi, Shibuya
No Sun
you can walk from Ebisu station, JR Yamanote-line fr Hibiya-line

With my great company :)


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My favorite Unagi ( eel) restaurant in Tokyo 宮川本店


If you come to Japan, or live in Japan, one of the things you must eat is Unagi!
Most of the eel in the supermarket or at the regular restaurant, is imported eel and very oily texture because they’re cultivated.

Japanese one is much light, and fluffy texture.
You can taste it only in Japan :)

My favorite restaurant is 宮川本店 (Miyagawa Honten) in Ginza area.


The second floor is Tatami floore, and the restaurant has relaxing atmosphere..

They basically have only two menus as same as any professional eel restaurant, “Shira yaki” ( no sauce, you can dip it with soy sauce and Wasabi when you eat it) and “Kaba yaki” ( regular one).
And you can choose the size :)


Only thing you have to be careful is, it takes about 30mins. to be served after you order the eel.
Because after they have the order, they start cooking eel and it normally takes time.


1-4-6, Tsukiji, Chuo, Tokyo
11:30-14:00, 17:00-20:00
No Sat

you can take Tsukiji station, or Shintomicho station :)


By the way, I watched the TV and fount out there’re “cucumber pickle bread” in a certain area in Japan.. (Kobe area)
It looks like a hot dog, but they just Japanese pickle instead of sausage..
and I heard the taste is nice.
I wanna try it, but it’s not in Tokyo area..



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Hokkaido foods <3


My mom originally from Hokkaido, so my cooking (food) roots is also from Hokkaido..
We use many kinds of northern seafood, lot of potatoes/pumpkins, kelp, daily for example :)
(You can think about the UK weather)

Most of the cheese are imported from other countries in the supermarket if you can find many kinds of them, but in Hokkaido, you can find these kinds of cheeses and all of them are made in Hokkaido!
If you know how poor Japanese cheese selection we have in Tokyo, it’s quite amazing.

And every time I go back there, I go to this Sushi restaurant, “Hana-maru” in Sapporo city..


The best bakery in Japan, “Ange”

But east side of Hokkaido, you can find more deer meat.
We ate deer almost everyday, it’s like lean beef and so tasty :)
(The picture is at Ainu minority restaurant)

And if you have any chance to go to Hokkaido, I suggest you to
– rent a car, it makes you much easier to travel! For example, it took us 8 hours to drive from Sapporo to east side of Hokkaido, but we enjoyed the small cities on a way and there’re only one train a day..
-stay in a pension, which is normally owned by one couple and is like small regular house. They offer you Home-made Dinner and breakfast, and the house is located in the nature often. You can taste better food than the restaurant, and they always have great hospitality so you can relax like at home!

This food is from the pension we stayed..
The owner (is usually chef) cooked Italian course, and this is the club meat pasta with tomato cream sauce, and he makes the fresh pasta with Hokkaido flour everyday.
We had Lasana, appetizer, dessert, meat, fish so on.

Maybe I love Hokkaido too much, ( I wanna move there to have a small farm and pension in the future..) but I really want you to try there if you have chance, you will love the nature and the foods :)

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Tsukiji Bon Marche – My Favorite Restaurant in Tsukiji, Tokyo


Today I want to introduce one of my favorite restaurant in Tsukiji (fish market) area.

Tsukiji fish market is the biggest fish market in the world and many tourists come here to see many kinds of seafood or enjoying Sushi- There’re a bunch of Sushi restaurants.

Sushi is very nice there since they use fresh ingredients of course, but I recommend you to have Italian-Japanese fusion restaurant in front of the market sometimes because you can get good Sushi everywhere in Japan :)!

Restaurant’s name is Bon Marche (ボンマルシェ) and they serve mainly Italian food like pasta, but use a lot of seafood including Sashimi pieces.



I and my husband went there for Lunch on the other day, and we ordered Lunch A (regular pasta) and B set (fresh pasta) .

They served us assorted appetizer, pasta, dessert, and tea/coffee/green tea.

It cost 1700-1800JPY per person. (about 10 EURO) There’re other menus as well, so you can order the other menu if you want to have Tuna steak or some more main dishes plus basic Lunch course!

Really really nice focaccia with black salt


Assorted appetizer (Sashimi with olive oil, some fresh vegetable etc)


Fresh pasta with tomato cream sauce


Pasta with Tuna tomato sauce


Petit dessert


Green tea with sweet


This restaurant is located in front of Rawson (convenience store) at Tsukiji outer market.

Address: 4-7-5, Tsukiji, Chuo, Tokyo 東京都中央区築地4-7-5    second floor (No Sunday)


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Kagurazaka- Japanese sweets cafe

画像Today I want to introduce one of my favorite Japanese sweets stores, “Saryo” at Kagurazaka in Tokyo.

画像If you crave Japanese sweets and love an old-fashioned place, go to this tiny sweets store. Its focus on classic modern sweets—Green tea parfait, sweet pumpkin soup, black sugar pudding, Green tea ice cream with Mochi, and other sweet memories—make it a nostalgia fest, all displayed in this wooden house decorated with old Japanese furnishings.

画像画像They also have outside seats so I definitely recommend sitting outside if the weather is nice!

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Vegan restaurant in Tokyo – AIN SOPH GINZA

There’re one good vegan restaurant at Ginza area :)
It’s called as AIN SOPH and is located at right behind the Kabuki theater.


Most of the Lunch menu is around 1000JPY, and you can have very tasty food!

Hayashi rice (Japanese stew) with brown rice


Pancake with soy milk cream for dessert
br />20140512-221733.jpg
They’re super yummy!

You can get some drink at Dinner time, and there’re course menu too..



This week’s home dishes..

Japanese curry


Millet croquette with Tofu mayoonnaise


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My favorite French restaurant in Jiyugaoka- KOST

It’s one of my favorite restaurant again.. :)


If you’re sweets lover, you must go there!

In the pre fix menu, you can choose main dish and dessert.

soup with bread





main dish – I choose pork :)


Starawberry cake in the cookie basket
(I choose mont-blanc as the first picture, it’s super yum..)


Small dessert after the cake


One of the reason I love here is, their sweets is so artistic, beautiful and fantastic taste.
This store is owned by young couple, husband is a chef for French cooking, and the wife is pattissier.

The Lunch course is 3100JPY.
I’m sure you would enjoy them a lot!


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Nice Sushi restaurant at Tsukiji – 築地虎杖 魚河岸千両

japanese recipes, japanese cookbook

I live very close to fish market, Tsukiji, because I can get the best quality ingredients here, but honestly I’ve never had Sushi here before.

I’m sure that all the Sushi restaurants are good, since they have good quality ingredients from the market, but I feel I can just buy the Good Sashimi and eat with home-made Sushi rice, or try other food (Japanes curry, Teishoku, or Italian) at the Tsukiji area as same as the people who works for the fishmarket eat.

But my friend told me that there’re one Sushi restaurant there, and they offer some unique Sushi, so I should try and I made it today.


It’s called as Kaisen (seafood) Hitsumabushi.
“Hitsumabushi ” is the way to eat the food but normally we only do this for eel in Nagoya.
What’s Hitsumabushi?

And I really enjoyed it!

We ordered seasonal Tempura


and the Kaisen Hitsumabushi for each of us.
Actually it’s a lot, but we easily finish them since it’s so yum!


First cup, we just eat them as regular scattered Sushi.


Second cup, we crush the sea urchen and mix all with the rice.


Third cup, we pour the Dashi(Japanese soup stoch) and eat them as Ocha-duke.
It’s super flavorful and so yum!


The name of the restaurant is 築地虎杖 魚河岸千両 , and it’s on the alley of outer fish market.




築地虎杖 魚河岸千両
4-10-14, Tsukiji, Chuo

After the satisfying Dinner, we keep craving for the food..
so we walked to Ginza, and had some sweets and coffee at Rose Bakery.


Oyasumi nasai :)


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Organic cafe at Omotesando area – daylesford

I just found very nice organic cafe!
It’s close to UN building and the name is daylesford.

First floor is buffe and the organic store, and second floor is regular cafe.


The atmosphere is so nice, I just love the food and the space.


They have some kinds of Lunch menu, today’s pasta, today’s open sand, etc..
I ordered salad plate which including five kinds of salad on a plate :)



It’s super tasty but very small portion, so I think it’s nice branch or the light Lunch before your tea and sweets.

If you have time on sunny day. I totally recommend this place!


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Monja-yaki restaurant at Tsukishima, Banbi

If you’re food lover, I guess you’ve already know Okonomiyaki, Japanese pancake.
It’s Osaka region speciality, and we also have pancake of Tokyo speciality which’s called as Monja-yaki :)


We went to Tsukishima station, which’s famous for Monja-yaki.
There’re street just in front of the station, and there’re more than 50 Monja-yaki restaurant there.
It’s hard to choose one restaurant, but this time we went to “Banbi”.



There’re so many kinds of Monja-yaki.. you can choose your favorite combination.
They also offer Okonomiyaki, but you should try Monja-yaki if you’re in Tokyo :)



Our Monja-yaki is based on Mochi, Mentaiko(fish roe), and cheese.


Monja-yaki is much more liquid so make the wall with cabbage then pour the dough inside.



When we eat it, use special spoon and eat from the pan directly.
The sauceis already mixed in the dough, so it’s not like Okonomiyaki.
It doesn’t look nice, but taste nice!


and we ordered Anko-maki (rolled sweet bean paste) for our dessert too..







If you want to try something Tokyo speciality, please try it :)

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Organic cafe in Tokyo – Rose Bakery

I found good organic cafe in Tokyo.. :)
The cafe is called as Rose Bakery, but they don’t serve bread, basically Lunch and pastries.


The main cafe is in Paris, but since Mrs. Rose is English, they serve English pastries and home meals with organic ingredients.



All of them looks so cute.
They serve different cakes everyday.



Even I’ve already had Lunch before go there, I had Lunch again because they looks so yummy.

I chose today’s sandwitches and Rouibos cinnamon tea.



and took out carrot cake with Ricotta cheese. All of them was very tasty.
I’ll try others again soon.

This is the address of Ginza store.


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Super Yakiniku restaurant – Seiyuzan

I had good Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) yesterday :)

It’s at Shiodome area (Shinbashi area) in Tokyo, very convenient place.
We had Lunch course and it’s so good!



thin slice of Wagyu


It became small Wagyu Sushi
(a piece per person)


different kinds of Wagyu


Reimen (cold noodle)





東京都港区東新橋1-5-2 汐留シティセンター 41F
1-5-2 Higashi Shinbashi, Minato, Tokyo
Shiodome city center building 41F


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Farmer’s market @ Omotesando UNU

I love to talk to the farmers, and buy the organic ingredients, so I often go to the Farmers market on weekend.. :)

Japan is a small country, so it’s difficult to grow the organic vegetables and also they’re very expensive even if you can find them in the organic supermarket..

If you live in Japan and look for the organic foods, it’s nice to go to the Farmers market which held in front of the UN building at Omotesando on weekend !

Many farmers or bakery come there and sell the organic ingredients/foods etc, I love it so much <3





And there’re many food wagons as well.. one of my favorite thing there.. :)

This is one of my favorite wagon, they serve vegetable bowl, with soy meat Karaage etc.







There’re so many favorite stores/car food there, so I will keep posting about the recommendation sometimes :)!

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Very tasty macrobiotic restaurant in Tokyo – CHAYA

First, I’m not vegetarian, I eat everything, but I love to have macrobiotic food ovegetarian food sometimes, since I love veggies and healthy tasty dishes!

This restaurant is really great, not only for vegetarians, for everyone who are foodies!

CHAYA is in the ISETAN department store in Shinjuku, at 7th floor.

Some of you who live in US might know this restaurant, because they have branches there as well.
I tried one in SF before, it’s different menus from here but was also great.

We had pre-fixed Dinner course on the other day.


seasonal veggies


I choose assorted appetizer, croquetto, purple sweet potato terrine, sashimi salad


my partner choose bean stew


for main dish, I had vegetarian meat loaf.
This one is super delicious!! You can’t believe the it’s made from only grain and vegetables.


my most fatorite parts <3
no egg, milk, butter but tastes same as regular ones.. actually better than that, you can taste same, thick and creamy texture, but you feel light after you have them :)



Mint tea ( you can choose from some kinds of tea of coffee)


(ISETAN department store 7F)

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Japanese rice crackers store in Tokyo – Mochi kichi



Do you know Osenbei is very popular Japanese snack?
It’s rice cracker and you can find it at any shop in Japan.

What is Senbei

I usually don’t eat them so much because I love chocolate more than crackers, (actually I’m very obsessed with chocolate) but this store’s Osenbei are sooo good!
If you’ve never had good Osenbei, or you like it, please try this store’s one!

They offer many kinds of Osenbei (Japanese rice crackers), like soy sauce taste, salt, mayonnaise, hard texture, soft texture, baked, deep-fried etc…
All of them are so tasty, I think because they use very good rice to make them.

They have also crunch chocolate with rice crackers- this one is my favorite now, salty-sweet taste is always nice!

Please try it if you come to Tsukiji area, they’re good small gifts for your friends :)

Mochi Kichi もち吉 HP





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Nice Ramen restaurant at Tokyo station – 俺式 (Ore shiki)



This is for Ramen lovers – have you ever had a hard time to choose Ramen restaurant in Tokyo since there’re so many here?
There’re thousands of Ramen restaurant and each of them have different “secret” soup recipe..
Sometimes I have tough choises as well, but I always choose Tonkotsu (soup based on pork stock) Ramen restaurant finally.

If you come to Tokyo, there’s Ramen street at the basement of Tokyo station.



There’re 8 Ramen restaurants at the same floor, and each of them have different soup base. (pork stoch restaurant, chicken, seafood etc..)


Today we chose this one, again, Tonkotsu soup one (pork stoch).



They have many kinds of menus, but basically they’re based on pork stock and the souis very thick, whitish color :)



Side dishes


You can add the noodle


You can choose the noodle texture from hard, soft, super hard etc.


we ordered Tonkotsu Dx



It was super yum, I like thick soup but not too fat, and it’s perfect!
If you’re garlick or spice lover, you can adjust the taste with them :)


The location is very convenient, this’s one of the things during you’re waiting your train at the station!

Gochisou sama! :)


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A Happy New Year 2014!

How was your New years day?
I came back to Kamakura area, which is my hometown, and spent time with my family.
It’s very calm outside (no fireworks!) since everyone just spend time with family.

After I had new year meal with family, we went to temple at Kamakura area to make a wish, then had a coffee at my favorite cafe “Milk Hall”.
This cafe is on a narrow alley and tiny place as they use old Japanse house.
They opened this cafe 35 years ago and nothing changed, I come here every few years, and it brings my memories a lot..


They use antique faniture, we had good coffee and jazz.





Kamakura area is famous for tourist since there’re big buddha statues and it’s old capital in Japan as same as Kyoto.
But I want you to try local places too, not only famous places, if you come here because there’re great old places as it used to be and I think it’s very treasure.
It’s hard to find them since they’re not on your guide book, so please get lost in Japan especially at old places then you come across hidden gems…

Oh I planned to write about New years food, but maybe next time.
Have a happy new year and I wish you have a wonderful day! :)

with Love,

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Hiramatsu – Amazing French Restaurant in Tokyo

I want to introduce one of the best French restaurants in Tokyo today, the name is Hiramatsu, which has branch in Paris also.

It is one of my favorite restaurant in Tokyo, but it is a little on the pricy, so we go there only for our special occasions. It’s really nice place for you if you want to have something special Dinner or Lunch.
This time, I and my husband went there with our good friend and his wife and we had really nice time :)
The food is so amazing, sensitive taste and beautiful decoration. 
For me, I’m kind of get used to have asian dishes (mostly Japanese food), so sometimes I feel heavy after having French cuisine, but somehow here dishes are not heavy at all even though they serve you very classic French dishes.
Many European people told me that they feel Japanese food are exotic, but I feel French dishes are so much different from Japanese and and I feel the opposite. Now I want to learn French cuisine more.

I’m sorry that I have menu only in French or Japanese, so I write in French this time for the dish name..


Amuse – bouche
Pumpkin soup with home made White Truffe ice cream




Feuillete de langoustines, compote de petis oignons,
legumes aromatiques, bouillon “bouillabaisse”




Foie gras semi-fume poele et fondant de foie gras,
emulsion de celeri-rave et de cepes




Ishidai poele, endives a l’orange et au noix, points de truffe




Pigeonneau roti, jus de cuisson aux abats, legumes aux epices




Poire fraiche caramelisse, buiscuit chaud au chocolat, creme glace a la pomme








Lavender te







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IL GHIOTTONE – Great Italian Restaurant in Tokyo

Today I had a great Lunch near Tokyo station.
The restaurant name is IL GHIOTTONE – Their concept is ” If there’re Kyoto province in Italy”, so they use Kyoto region ingredients to make Italian cuisine.
Their main restaurant is at Kyoto prefecture, and they have branch at Tokyo as well.
It locates very close to Tokyo station and takes 1 minute by walk (You can walk from Yurakucho station also).
There’re not so many places which offer Kyoto ingredients (vegetables etc), which is different from this area’s, so if you live in Tokyo, I recommend this restaurant to taste them as Italian cuisine!

Stuzzichino – Grissini, focaccia with two kinds of olive oil
Antipasto - Japanese sweet potato soup with scallop,

Japanese amberjack with apple sauce with dried mullet roe
(The form on the salad is also made of apple juice!)


Pasta with Hokkaido salmon, chinese cabbage, and salmon roe with Yuzu


Risotto with chestnuts and prosciutto


Pork with two kinds of sauce- black olive and white asparagus


Japanese chestnuts Tiramisu with  sangria sorbet


Lunch course: about 4000JPY per person



東京都千代田区丸の内2-7-3 東京ビルTOKIA 1F

2-7-3, Marunouchi, Chiyoda, Tokyo
TOKIA building 1F


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Suzuki- Highly recommended Japanese traditional restaurant

There’s one Kaiseki restaurant I fell in love in Tokyo.
About Kaiseki ryori, please check it :)

I go to this restaurant every month for our treat, Here I can find best traditional dishes I ever had.
The restaurant is called “Suzuki” and it’s very tiny cozy restaurant near Shintomicho station, very close to Tsukiji or Ginza area.
There’s only one chef and he creates really beautiful and creative dishes based on Japanese tradition.
You will be amazed with the taste and can feel the season from the natural ingredients.
I was wondering if I write about this restaurant on my blog because there is a kind of hidden gem (too good!) but today I decided to share with you since I want you to try his dishes if you have chance to come to Japan.
The course is only one (Omakase) and everyday he serves different dishes based on the season.


Address: 1-3-2, Tsukiji, Chuo, Tokyo

This is the web site, it is not official site though. Price is 8,500yen per person.

No Sun