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Shiitake Dashi Recipe – How to make Japanese mushroom Dashi


For most of Japanese food, we usually use seafood soup stock based on dried kelp and bonito, but sometimes use mushroom (Shiitake) Dashi when we want to have some sweet flavor from Shiitake :)
It’s faster to use hot water or warm water to re-soften dried Shiitake, but for the flavor, it’s very important to use cold water to soak the mushroom and take at least 24 hours.
The best temperature is about 5 degree, so please keep the container in your fridge :)!

-Mushroom Dashi

30g of Dried Shiitake mushroom

1 L of water

  1. Soak the dried mushroom in water then place in the fridge for 24 hours (Please don’t use hot water for the flavor)
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Shimi Daikon Recipe – Simmered dried Daikon with soup stock

Do you know Shimi Daikon?
It’s preserved food made from Daikon, and also local speciality of Hizen area in Japan :)
In the cold winter (after the temperature became minus degree), people start to make Shimi Daikon.
Peel off, Boil it for 1-2 minutes, then hang up outside for 1-2 monthes. Then the Daikon keep frozen and melt, again and again, then all the liquids is gone afterwards.

I found the youtube (Japanese) so you can see it :)

If you love Japanese cooking, I guess you’ve already know Kiriboshi-Daikon (dried Daikon strips), it’s similar but very different texture.
Kiriboshi-Daikon is dried Daikon, not frozen, and Shimi-Daikon texture is very crunchy.

Today I cooked this Shimi-Daikon for our Lunch :)


10-15 pieces of Shimi Daikon
200cc of Shiitake Dashi (soup stock from dried Shiitake)
2 Tablespoons of Mirin
a pinch of salt

White Miso

  1. Soak the Shimi-Daikon with enough water for 20 mins. Squeeze and drain the water.

  2. Place all the ingredients in the pot then cook it until all the liquids is gone.


  1. Place the cooked Shimi-Daikon on the serving plate then put white Miso on top.


You can use any kind of white Miso.
Today I used “Fresh white Miso” which wasn’t cooked before the company sell it, so it keeps fermenting and you have to keep it in the freezer.
This type of Miso tastes much more sweet than regular white Miso.
You can also mic Mirin (or sugar) and regular white Miso to make it sweeter if you like it :)

And I guess it’s sometimes difficult to find the Shimi-Daikon, even in Tokyo, since it’s local speciality from Hizen area.
In that case, you can use any kind of vegetable, like fresh Daikon or turnips for example.
Please cook them in the boiled water until it’s almost cooked, drain the water then cook them in the Shiitake soup stock :)

Today’s Lunch..


And my friend gave me very tasty dessert, so we also enjoyed it <3


Thank you :)!