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About Mari Nameshida

Mari Nameshida

・Japanese cooking instructor
・Diploma of Kushi macrobiotic Institute Tokyo (BIOKURA) Advanced / sweets standard
・Chinese herbal medicine dishes Instructor (Certified)
・Chinese herbal medicine Advisor (Certified)
・Registered Nurse (Certified)
・Public Health Nurse (Certified)
・Food lover

I learned the basics of Japanese cooking from my mom at a young age and also went to cooking/baking schools in Japan. I have been learning Kaiseki style cooking which is a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner by Keiko Okamura and Koichiro Goto who are famous for an authentic Japanese Kaiseki style trainer.

I also love traveling and cooking with chefs/moms/dads in every countries. But I noticed that there were few chances to immerse yourself in the local culture and taste in Japan. I thought it would be very nice if there was a place that foreigners could come to the local people’s homes and learn how to cook local cuisine and as a result learn more about the local people.

That is why I started my cooking classes by teaching Japanese home style cooking. I hope the guest can cook again in their home countries for their families and friends after returning home. Please enjoy the dishes and our culture by joining our classes!


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Web travel guide:
Introduced as "20 ways to make friends in Tokyo" by Time Out web magazine.
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  • March 2014, Information media for foreign residents in Japan「Savvy Tokyo」桜餅を掲載
  • Dec 2013 Information media for foreign residents in Japan「Savvy Tokyo」栗きんとん
  • July 2013 「Tokyo Journal」Tempura
  • June 2013, MENSA Japan Magazine Cold shabu shabu

TV shows:

  • All most all of Japanese major broadcast company featured our class
  • NHK, TBS, Fuji TV, TV Tokyo, Nippon TV, Mainichi Croadcasting

Ryo Nameshida

・Kendo, a Japanese martial arts, instructor
・Food lover

【New】Mari’s first cookbook “Japanese recipes from Mari’s Tokyo Kitchen” all in English

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Amasya, Turkey

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Istanbul, Turkey

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Chitwan, Nepal

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