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Sushi in Japanese cooking class Tokyo

Nigiri Sushi or Sushi Roll


In this lesson, we will instruct how to cook the Sushi Roll, Nigiri Sushi or Scattered Sushi. Sushi is very popular food for both of Japanese and foreigners. It consists of rice and fish which are very primary foods for Japanese traditionally.

There are various styles of Sushi in many districts in Japan. Nigiri sushi is a regular type which is made of a small clump of rice and fresh raw fish on it. Sushi roll is that the rice and sashimi and some vegetables are rolled by Nori( a sheet of seaweed). Chirashi sushi is scattered sushi which is made of sushi rice on the plate and it is covered by scattered slices of sashimi. All of them are eaten only for celebration event in the past. But recently Sushi has been becoming more common foods because of the accessibility of various fresh fishes from the all over the world.

Sushi is named after “Sumeshi” which means vinegar(“Su” in Japanese) and rice(“Meshi” in Japanese). This “me” of “Sumeshi” was disappeared during many years and now it is called “Sushi”. “寿司” is the Japanese character of Sushi and this means something sign of good luck and celebrations. We can see how Japanese people love Sushi even from the character of Sushi.

Sushi was spread to the US in 1980s because of the big hit of Sushi bar and Sushi is know from the people in the all of world nowadays. They have found some new tastes of sushi like the California Roll which is made of Avocado and Crab because some American are not familiar with eating raw fish.

What is the origin of Sushi? It is said that sushi was invented in South East Asia in 4th century. This unique style of eating was delivered to Japan in 8th century. At that time Sushi is a little bit different from modern sushi. The rice which is seasoned with sweetened vinegar and put the raw fish and ferment for some days. Since there is no technology to refrigerate foods, sushi was made as a preserved food. This kind of sushi is alive even now in Shiga province. People there cook traditional sushi by using the mackerel, carp and sailfin sandfish.

The nigiri style sushi appeared in the beginning of 19th Century in Edo where is Tokyo now. After the prolonged domestic war finish the peace had come for more than 300 years. Citizen are becoming rich and busy because of their active businesses. In Edo, people in Edo prefer tasty and quick meals in street stalls. Nigirisushi was invented and became very popular soon. That sushi is much bigger than modern sushi and the size of it is same as the size of tennis ball. This Edo style sushi has spread because of unfortunate event of big Kato Earthquake in 1923. The professional sushi chef lost their houses and jobs and returned back to their home country and the sushi was spread accordingly.

This article was written by referring to this web page of Iroha Japan.